“Before presenting a dish I look at all the combinations- the various flavours and tastes and only then do I plate them- my food is Pugliese Cuisine, revisited in a modern and creative way” – Chéf Carlo Rossi


Welcome to the Hostaria Excelsior

The Hostaria Excelsior restaurant, in Bari, was conceived by Chéf Carlo Rossi who can boast a number of important international professional experiences.
Hostaria Excelsior was born with the idea of Chéf Carlo Rossi to be able to express his philosophy, which is to have old views evolve and create new traditions.
A constant search in the territory of Puglia with the collaboration of local producers, plus the lessons learned from the ‘great masters’ and colleagues, make sure that the Hostaria Excelsior can be considered a superior dining experience.
Chéf Carlo Rossi’s continuous research and many years of experience in Europe offer the client an exquisite dining experience.


The territory & and the food

The traditional Apulian cuisine- with international contaminations- distinguishes the menu of Hostaria Excelsior, as does the importance is given to the local produce, both from the earth and sea. When combined, the ingredients only enhance, without altering, the natural flavours of one another.
At the Hostaria Excelsior the customer can find all the seasonal vegetables, from local turnips to green cabbages, thistles, peppers, aubergines, artichokes and legumes (from beans to lentils to grass peas) and a wide variety of seafood common to the Adriatic along the Apulian coast.
The area of Bari is also famous for some dishes, such as Zampina (one of the signature plates at Hostaria Excelsior) and delicacies such as the red onions of Acquaviva, the extra virgin olive oil “Terra di Bari Dop” (produced locally) and the Turi Ferrovia cherries, just to name a few.

‘Turf’ menù


The meat menu always surprises our customers. Our dishes are ready to satisfy your palate! Whether you are oriented towards traditional or innovative, we are sure that at the Hostaria Excelsior satisfy you.

‘Surf’ menù


The seafood menu offers our customers the opportunity to enjoy a wide choice of dishes. The freshness and excellent quality of the produce used makes our fish dishes an unforgettable experience for all gourmets.

Wine Bar


In a warm and welcoming environment, we offer our customers carefully selected wines that encompasses the best regional, national and international labels. To enhance your dinning experience, we can suggest various wine pairings from our cellars. Not to forget a mention of our signature cocktails for evenings out of the ordinary.


What They Say About Us

“A great discovery”

“I am a gourmet always looking for new places and flavors. The Hosteria Excelsior is a combination of goodness and location.

Giorgio T. – Verona


“If a man is what he eats- I have just become a better person by eating Chef Rossi’s food- absolutely wonderful.”

Vincenzo R. – Rome

“Great experience”

“For me, a man of the North, it was nice to be guided by my friend Nicola and tasting fish as only he can do.”

Günther O. – Germany

“Without words”

“Chéf Carlo excited me. I tasted traditioinal Apulian dishes and washed them down with superb wines. Delicious desserts.”

Valerie C. – France

Opening hours

18:00pm – 24:00pm

18:00pm – 01:00am

Open also at lunch time

via Roma 2
 70010 Bari BA

(+39) 392 532 0000// (+39) 338 903 0000

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